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Petroleum Logistics was formed with one simple mission in mind - to bring value and increased profitability to our clients’ business through highest quality products and outstanding service to our clients every time we conduct business with them.

Petroleum Logistics own Marina Fuel facilties around NZ ports which have diesel and petrol for sale on site. We are an aviation lubricants supplier, along with providing solutions from bulk fuel storage to environmental solutions... read more

Fuel Cards


The Petroleum Logistics BP fuel card is offered to customers in New Zealand. the card provides credit to purchase fuel, lubricants, greases and other products and services at Petroleum Logistics fuel marinas and BP outlets NZ wide.

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  • Supplier of fuel card to New Zealand Sport Fishing

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Services and Products

  • Bulk Fuels
  • Marina refueling Network - 15 Sites around NZ with Petrol and Diesel
  • Cards accepted at marinas PLPL/Mobil card, PLPL/BP card, Z Energy card, Fleet card and Eftpos and credit cards
  • Packaged Fuels - Drums and ISO containers
  • Drumming facilities for fuels and lubes
  • Aviation Lubricants -Aeroshell, Phillips66 and Mobil
  • Shell, Gulf and Conoco lubricants including Industrial, Automotive and Commerical
  • Export and local suppliers of petroleum products - Petrol, Deisel, Kerosene,Racing fuel No1.
  • Solutions and bulk tanks for fuel storage
  • CAA Approved (part 19F) supply organisation of Aviation Lubricants